About Our Organization

Andrew County Ministries was started in the 1960’s by a group of Ministers in Savannah concerned with the needs of transits traveling through town.  Through the years this organization has evolved from a few Ministers to an incorporated body of representatives from all the churches in Andrew County. Assistance expanded from providing help for travelers, to helping families through all of the programs outlined in the brochure.

All programs are funded by donations from individuals, organizations and churches.  The only exceptions are funds for emergency food, shelter and utilities received from FEMA. A limited amount of funds are used for administrative purposes.

Your donation may be designated for any specific program or given for general services provided by Andrew County Ministries and mailed to P.O. Box 7, Savannah MO 64485.

Andrew County Ministries
Mailed to P.O. Box 7, Savannah MO 64485.
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