Strategic Goals


Organizational Capacity-

Goal: Andrew County Ministries will increase its organizational capacity so that additional resources are present to meet identified needs.

Organizational capacity is a set of attributes that help or enable an organization to effectively accomplish its mission.  Critical capacity elements include resources, effective leadership, skilled and sufficient staff, a certain level of institutionalization, and links to the larger community from which an organization may draw help.  Basic supply and demand evaluate capacity and effectiveness resources to accomplish the mission signify effectiveness. Consequently, an outcome of increased organizational capacity would be adjusted resource flow in response to changing demands.

The outcome of increasing organizational capacity is that ACM is an accountable, adaptive learning organization.

Using the following strategies, Andrew County Ministries will increase its organizational capacity:

Increased volunteer base

            Tactic:            Recruitment

                                    Invitation Navigator


                                    Each one make one- Discipleship

New building/facility

              Tactic:         Assessment/Evaluation

              Tactic:         Data Gathering


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