Donations/Volunteer Opportunities

FOOD PANTRY:  Contact – Marion Vogt – 816-324-3008 for schedule when volunteers are needed
                Volunteers needed who can:
                                Stock Shelves – day or evening
                                Assist with distribution to clients – daytime hours
                                Assistance with educational opportunities for clients
                                Donate canned and staple products
                                Provide funds to purchase perishable food items

BACK PACK BUDDIES:  Contact – Linda Crowder  816-261-7699 – for schedule
                Volunteers needed who can:

                                Pack food bags for distribution to schools
                                Deliver filled bags to schools
                                Assist with unloading and stocking supplies on day delivery arrives from food bank
                                Assist with fundraising to support this program

CLOTHES CLOSET:  Contact – Donna Trierweiler  712-579-0526  for schedule
                Volunteers needed who can:
                                Help maintain Clothes Closet during days when Food Pantry is open
                                Organization of Clothing – changing out seasonal clothing
                                Clothing collection/donation
                                Provide funds for purchase of new underclothing and shoes when needed
with Back to School clothing collection and distribution

FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER:  Contact – Janet Dailey – 816-244-0178 or Debbie McGee 816-261-9197
                Food Pantry/Clothes Closet

                  Contact – Nancy Wilson – 816-324-5634 volunteer opportunities throughout Andrew County

CHRISTMAS ASSISTANCE:  Contact – Andrew County Ministries  816-752-2488
                Volunteers needed to:
                                Adopt A Family for Christmas
                                Assist with ordering and transporting food items to Distribution Point
                                Assist purchasing Gifts for children of families who were not adopted
                                                (Contact Julie White – 816-324-3959 – to help with gift purchase)
                                Assist with organizing and loading gift and food boxes for recipients
                                Assist on day of distribution --
                                Assist with fundraising for this program

NURSING HOME MINISTRIES:  Contact – Gay Dittemore – 816-324-5932
                Volunteers needed to:
                                Assist Ministers and other church volunteers to provide a short Sunday afternoon
                                worship service at LaVerna Village and Shady Lawn Nursing Homes. Talents of music,                                 reading, storytelling from volunteers of all ages most appreciated.

ECUMENTIAL WORSHIP SERVICES:  Contact – Rev. Dee Pennington
                Volunteers needed to:
                                Plan and present services during the year.
                                (Palm Sunday - Good Friday - Easter Sunrise Services - Thanksgiving Services and
                                others as requested)

ANDREW COUNTY MINISTRIES BOARD:  Contact – Rev. Dee Pennington
                Board meets bi-monthly (6 times a year) at churches throughout Andrew County. Every church is encouraged to provide representation from their congregation attend this volunteer organization.

                Volunteers needed to:
                                Service as officers and executive board members. Assist with fundraising activities to
                                support each of the programs provided by Andrew County Ministries.

                Needed – Volunteers who loves photography and would like to record in photo events of the

Volunteers are powerful people – A small group of committed Christians build a facility that houses the County Food Pantry, Back Pack Buddy food program and Clothes Closet.

Andrew County Ministries
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